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Refund guarantee PolicyMany students suffer a lack of time to complete a thesis due to immense daily responsibilities. Money-back guarantee policy is one thing that many firms fail to uphold; therefore, students prefer to struggle with their assignments. Nonetheless, students find it hard to adapt to challenging academic work and personal life, hence feeling the need to reach reliable experts. Although many companies provide dissertation writing services, they may not always meet the student’s requirements.

Due to the lack of Refund guarantee Policy commitment, it’s hard for students to trust them with their work and money. With us, things are different. Our reliable services aim to meet every client’s needs and demands, and when a money refund is necessary. Besides we exercise integrity by meeting the client’s expectations. As a result, students give Dissertation Thesis Help the priority to assist, especially those who believe in our professionalism. We are a team you can rely on when in need of first-class writing help.

Why Would A Client Request For Partial Or Full Money Refund?

We guarantee a Money-back guarantee Policy at our firm, enabling students to request a partial or full refund where applicable. However, reimbursements are based on quality issues, and this is done within seven business days after delivery. The circumstances that can lead to partial or full Refund;

  • Cancellation of order if a client cancels an order before assigning it to an expert, we refund the order money. However, if a writer is working on it, no refund is issued.
  • If a client pays double if you happen to be charged twice for a single placed order, we refund 100% of the single order. However, this only happens if you have verified documentation to support your claim.
  • Placement of duplicate ordersif you place two identical orders unintentionally and complete the ordering fee, we refund. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to contact us before we handle both orders.
  • Dissatisfactory services in terms of quality we are a team that believes in quality; however, there is no warranty that every client that liaises with us will find our services satisfactory. If you don’t receive what you expected, we can assign your work to another writer or provide relevant reviews. This rarely happens, though.
  • Lack of a reliable writer to handle your work although this is a rare case, if your order doesn’t have a writer to handle, we provide a full refund of your order money.

Top-Quality Custom Writing ServicesWhen clients visit our firm for assistance, we understand that we aren’t under any obligation to refund money due to personal reasons. Clients have to prove that they deserve to have their money refunded to them. It isn’t easy for either the client or us when it comes to a refund, and that’s why we strive to ensure that clients receive the most exceptional services. Feel free to liaise with us with the assurance of receiving the most professional & credible services.

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